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We tell stories, fresh and original stories,
in the most honest way, leaving out the things you don’t need.

That is why we develop and produce high concept drama with an international appeal. We cover live action as well as animation, both in drama series and in feature films.
We produce television drama for a wide audience, with a special focus on the youngest, with their vivid imagination and their wonderful dreams.

And oh, we live and work in beautiful Amsterdam.

Ninja Nanny 2




Ninja Nanny 2 has been officially selected for the Cinekid Lion 2021. Category: Best Dutch fiction series!


Ninja Nanny - 3 ontvangt financiele bijdrage Filmfonds!

In de tweede ronde van de Netherlands Film Production Incentive van 2021 is een bijdrage verleend aan het derde seizoen van de serie Ninja Nanny.

Hoogvliegers nu ook te zien via Sony AXN!

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The Mask of Goeloe

In the first phase of the new Telefilms 2020, twelve projects have been selected by the broadcasters for scenario development. 'The Mask of Goeloe' is one of them!

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Post Production second season Ninja Nanny has started!

The post production of the second season of Ninja Nanny has started. The new season of the youth series, embraced by the press and the public, starring Gina Spadaro, Denise Aznam, Eva van de Wijdeven, Edwin Jonker and Victoria Koblenko, is expected to be broadcast by AVROTROS in 2021.

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Telescoop for Benjamin Bat

Telescoop is a collaboration between The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBo and NPO. This year they have selected the feature film Benjamin Bat as part of the annual collaboration project Telescoop. We are proud to announce that Benjamin Bat the first full animation film is, to be supported by Telescoop.

The aim of this collaborative project is to help fund ambitious feature films of a high cinematographic quality for a wide audience and with a cultural added value. The joint investment is 1.8 million euros per film.

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High-Flyers VFX breakdown

In addition to many real fighter aircrafts High-Flyers also contained a lot of of visual highlights. Check them out!

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Behind the Scenes

Last Saturday the last episode of High Flyers aired on NPO1. If you've missed it on TV, then no problem you can still view it online on NPO.nl. Are you curious how everything was filmed? Check out our 'Behind the Scenes' video by clicking here.  


Broadcast Magazine: 1.2 million stream starts for the EO- series High-Flyers

High-Flyers is doing well, not only in the number of viewers per episode but also scores high appreciation ratings. The number of viewers across various platforms together adds up to around 1.5 million views a week. The ratings that viewers give High-Flyers keeps increasing each week as well. 

Click on the link to read the full article published by Broadcast Magazine (in Dutch) about High-Flyers.



The new epic television series High-Flyers was launched on Saturday 11 January on NPO1.


Our Team

Errol Nayci

Creative Director, Executive Producer

The man behind The Storytellers and a great storyteller himself, the man who never ever gives up, is Errol. As a twelve year old boy, he was mesmerised by E.T. (if you do the math, you can guess his age) and he realised that it was also possible to make movies. From that moment on, Errol was convinced that, one day, he was actually going to be a movie maker himself.

Steven Hillenius

Associate Producer, Head of Legal

Steven is the spider in the web at The Storytellers; you can ask him anything. He is our rock and we can not do without him. He is also a trained lawyer, and as such responsible for all legal issues that might arise on and around the set, and in contracting.

In his spare time, Steven loves to DJ at parties, mainly for silent discos (ever heard of such a thing?).
Mail: steven@storytellersfilmtv.nl

Berry van Zwieten

Storytellers Production Services

Feel free to ask around: Berry is one of the most experienced internationally operating line producers in Holland. Based in Amsterdam and London, (handy) Berry has worked extensively around the globe and familiarised himself with all the ins and outs of international co-production.

Check out his credits on his IMDb page.

Mail: berry@storytellersfilmtv.nl


Needless to say, that we have a solid network of freelancers that we’ve always been able to count on – they are all free spirits with great talents.
The moment we go into development or production, this team gathers with the speed of light to form a tight crew of specialists/experts that just love what they’re doing, and, moreover, are the best at what they do.

Ninja Nanny

Our Productions

What we are doing

Benjamin Bat

A story about a bat that is afraid of the dark and learns to overcome his fears

Benjamin Bat is small and not very brave. His family doesn’t think very much of him. And when he happens to fall in love with the tropical songbird Sherida, everything changes. Birds are bats’ arch enemies, aren’t they? Benjamin has to stand up for himself and challenge his family to win Sherida’s love. An animated coming of age story with a musical look and feel.

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Ninja Nanny 2

A story about a rebellious girl who finds her true self through her ninja nanny

Hunter begins to understand more of Pencak Silat. And triggered by Farah‘s childhood memories she feels more and more curious about her father. In the village the ninjas are more popular than ever. Hunter gets involved in the ninja mania, and she makes a deal with Christa: together they will save the world – as Superninjas.

Hunter and Farah grow apart. Van der Kraai becomes major, Joaquim loses his grandfather ánd Hunter‘s family gets harassed by a motor gang – that is the moment Hunter needs Farah more than ever. Not just to fight against the evil forces in the village, but against the dark powers inside herself as well. Will Hunter discover who she really is and find her father?

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What we have done


High-Flyers tells the story of Guus, Rutger and Leyla. Against the backdrop of the demanding training to become flyers in the Royal Netherlands Air Force up to their combat missions in the Middle East, we follow these friends in their eventful journey to adulthood; we share their camaraderie, their grief, joys, love and fears, in times of peace and war.

Watch the official (English subbed) trailer on youtube!

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Ninja Nanny

When awkward pre-teen Hunter and her patch-work family enter into a life of new-found celebrity and move to a posh neighborhood, she is distraught. She hates this snobbish village filled with brats and bullies! To make matters worse, her stepfather hires a nanny, Farah, to look after the kids. Hunter feels lonely and neglected. One day though, things suddenly change. A mysterious ninja saves her from the bullies – it turns out that was her nanny! Hunter wants to become a ninja master herself and she discovers that if you really want something, you have to go all the way to achieve it! 

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Bo is the only child of rich parents and attends the best international boarding school in Europe. When the holidays start, he is kidnapped, and his rich, safe and secluded world is suddenly turned upside down. During their long cross-country trip back to the Netherlands to meet the ransom deadline, Bo and his abductor Fred, a gruff lovable loser, forge a strange friendship. Bo discovers in Fred the father that he misses and learns to stand up for himself. Fred is confronted with there he has always been running from and learns to become a father. 

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Loonies, too crazy

How crazy are you when they call you crazy? 2015

Nursing home Zonnedael has been shut down by director Bomhoff: the psychiatric in-patients Bep Brul, the Major, Fats, Ms. De Haas and Dr. Doolittle are reintroduced into society against their wishes. Nurse Ten Hoeven, who always cared for her patients with love and care, is grieving: her main purpose in life has gone. To make matters worse, she is kidnapped. Of course, the patients take action immediately. Under the Major's guidance they embark on a risky and lunatic venture, to finally discover the incredible truth behind the kidnapping. 

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Production Services

The Netherlands production incentive offers a 30 percent cash rebate on eligible Dutch spend for television drama. It already applies for feature film. The aim is to boost the Netherlands’ attractiveness to international television and film makers. With a small national audience (only seventeen million inhabitants) but a rich cultural history, the Dutch have learned to achieve a lot with minimal means. This is particularly true in the Dutch film industry, since the collaborative and open-minded work ethic of the Dutch fits perfectly on a movie set! But pay attention: due to EU regulations, the 30 percent cash rebate is only available to co-productions. 

As a qualifying production company with international co-production experience The Storytellers Film & TV is ready to be your co-production partner and help you take advantage of this rebate. Let us help you to assess your project for this attractive production incentive.

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Contact us at: berry@storytellersfilmtv.nl


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